Kalo Kalokeri / A Very Happy Summer from Crete

In order to escape the spring rains and kick-off summer properly we decided to fly to Crete for a short holiday. It’s a land full of hills and gorges, rocks and beaches, Venetian castles and Minoan ruins and miles and miles of winding roads surrounded by oleanders. As such, Crete is a challenging geography to navigate but an impressive one. Being one of the largest … Continue reading Kalo Kalokeri / A Very Happy Summer from Crete

Lesvos – The island that invented Ouzo

Summer nights should be like this. Moonlight over an endless sea, the waves slowly hitting the pebble beach. Music, laughter and the click of the glasses raised for health coming from a distance. The sweet smells of fig, pine, thyme, flowers and herbs are mixing in the air. The arms of your lover around you. Summer nights should exactly be like this. Those were my … Continue reading Lesvos – The island that invented Ouzo

Kalimera apό Dodecanese

It is the holiday season once again and this time our destination is the Dodecanese of Greece. Divided by the beautiful Aegean Sea, the people of Turkey and Greece share a great heritage which is evident in our respective cuisine, taste and sentiments, regardless of the politics of the day. So it’s no surprise that the Dodecanese, being closer to Turkish mainland than Greece became … Continue reading Kalimera apό Dodecanese