Sicily by Sea / Sailing the Isole Eolieo

Waking up in Italy is a great way to start any day. Waking up on a sailboat criss crossing the Aeolians is the best, even if the boat in question is the Josephine, the noisiest boat of the modern seafaring era. Off the coast of Sicily, the Aeolian islands offer seas as clear as the Bahamas, landscapes worthy enough to be film sets and exceptional … Continue reading Sicily by Sea / Sailing the Isole Eolieo

Kalo Kalokeri / A Very Happy Summer from Crete

In order to escape the spring rains and kick-off summer properly we decided to fly to Crete for a short holiday. It’s a land full of hills and gorges, rocks and beaches, Venetian castles and Minoan ruins and miles and miles of winding roads surrounded by oleanders. As such, Crete is a challenging geography to navigate but an impressive one. Being one of the largest … Continue reading Kalo Kalokeri / A Very Happy Summer from Crete

In Vino Veritas

Now that spring is here we have decided to escape the city and explore the Trakya region, famous for its beautiful scenery, colorful culture, tolerant people and fertile vineyards. Our first stop was Vize, just 138 kilometers from Istanbul and a world apart. It’s one of Turkey’s expanding network of Slow Cities or CittaSlow. Slow cities are characterized by a way of life that supports … Continue reading In Vino Veritas