In Vino Veritas

Now that spring is here we have decided to escape the city and explore the Trakya region, famous for its beautiful scenery, colorful culture, tolerant people and fertile vineyards. Our first stop was Vize, just 138 kilometers from Istanbul and a world apart. It’s one of Turkey’s expanding network of Slow Cities or CittaSlow. Slow cities are characterized by a way of life that supports … Continue reading In Vino Veritas

Fethiye to Ölüdeniz – A route of nature, history and good food

Sailing from Fethiye to Ölüdeniz , there are three bays so special in nature and history and so unique in style and visiting patrons that they all worth a visit.   The first one is Turunç Pınarı, a beautiful bay of aquamarine waters, pink oleanders and towering cliffs ending in a little shingle beach. The sea is always clean and cool, even in July and … Continue reading Fethiye to Ölüdeniz – A route of nature, history and good food

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Islas Canarias

Before Tenerife was an island it was a giant volcano. During millions of years and countless explosions, the mighty El Teide erupted itself to create the island that we know today. It still remains the highest volcano this side of Atlantic, and at 3718 meters, the third highest volcano of the world. Its sharp summit and surrounding hilltops offer an impressive backdrop to almost anywhere on the … Continue reading Islas Canarias

Matisse over the stairway, Gauguin under the curtains

Are you rich enough to commission your own Matisse ? Or fill the walls of your palace with art so dense that it will be a challenge to distinguish one painting from another ? The man who answered positively to both questions was named Sergei Shchukin, a turn of the century Russian business magnate who became an early patron saint to the Impressionists. The last … Continue reading Matisse over the stairway, Gauguin under the curtains

Cartagena – The city of colour

There are some cities in this world that are so rich in history and culture and every kind of human emotion from greed to purest kind of love that they evoke a certain excitement even to think about, whether you’ve been there or not. Through their history they attract intellectuals and fanatics, kings and pirates in any shape and form. They have the riches to … Continue reading Cartagena – The city of colour

San Blas Islands – Land of the Kuna

About 12 miles off the north coast of the Isthmus of Panama, there lies an archipelago of 365 islands  known as the San Blas Islands or more recently Kula Yala. They are the home of the Kuna, the indigenous people of Panama and Colombia. The Kuna believe there is one island for each day of the year but inhabit only 49 islands. The remoteness of … Continue reading San Blas Islands – Land of the Kuna

Lesvos – The island that invented Ouzo

Summer nights should be like this. Moonlight over an endless sea, the waves slowly hitting the pebble beach. Music, laughter and the click of the glasses raised for health coming from a distance. The sweet smells of fig, pine, thyme, flowers and herbs are mixing in the air. The arms of your lover around you. Summer nights should exactly be like this. Those were my … Continue reading Lesvos – The island that invented Ouzo

Walking the ramparts of Dubrovnik Sailing around Croatia

Croatia has islands. Approximately 1400 of them. It also has a beautiful coastline, lush green hills and small towns with stone houses and red tiled roofs. Plus the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. And, as if those were not enough, it has Dubrovnik, with its extremely well preserved fortified old town. So we, a group of 17, decided to rent a couple of … Continue reading Walking the ramparts of Dubrovnik Sailing around Croatia