In Vino Veritas

Now that spring is here we have decided to escape the city and explore the Trakya region, famous for its beautiful scenery, colorful culture, tolerant people and fertile vineyards. Our first stop was Vize, just 138 kilometers from Istanbul and a world apart. It’s one of Turkey’s expanding network of Slow Cities or CittaSlow. Slow cities are characterized by a way of life that supports … Continue reading In Vino Veritas

Saint- Émilion – A Jewel of a Town

When a place is especially beautiful, the French call it a bijou or a precious jewel.  In that sense, Saint-Émilion is definitely a bijou in the heart of Bordeaux with its narrow streets, monolithic church and vineyards which have survived intact from 11th cc. Today Saint- Émilion and all the surrounding area is a Unesco World Heritage site, which is a reason for pride for … Continue reading Saint- Émilion – A Jewel of a Town

Route des Chateâux – Bordeaux

We decided to visit Bordeaux just after the harvest and found out that this is in fact a very good time to visit the region. The weather is great, the vineyards are looking beautiful in autumn colours and most importantly, visiting the Grand Cru Châteaux are pretty fuss-free. We started our Bordeaux tour from Mèdoc, the home to the famous Grand Cru wines. Mèdoc region … Continue reading Route des Chateâux – Bordeaux

Land of the Storks – Alsace

Where in France a Parisian is regarded an expat, or you can go to a restaurant to taste some local specialities like baeckeoffe or flammekueche?  In Alsace of course. Guarded from the rest of France by the Vosges Mountains –ok, high hills really – and from Germany by the Rhine River, Alsace is a land of beautiful green hills, photogenic villages and good wine. And storks. … Continue reading Land of the Storks – Alsace

Caribbean Tales Part 1: BVI

Cem called to ask us when we will be visiting him again. Those of you unlucky enough not to know him, Cem happens to be a professional captain and one of the most warm hearted and positive persons I’ve ever met. He also happens to live and work in British Virgin Islands which happens to be one of the top sailing destinations in the world. British Virgin … Continue reading Caribbean Tales Part 1: BVI

Footsteps of Templars and Giants

I consider myself as a true Mediterranean i.e. no place is perfect without the sun and the blue skies and the deep turquoise colour of the Med, but guess what? The landscape could be beautiful without any of the above.  If you don’t believe me just visit Scotland. We started at Edinburgh, which is truly an enchanting city. Rich in culture and history, it’s also … Continue reading Footsteps of Templars and Giants